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Full Width Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

20 of the Best Reclaimed Pallet Wine Racks

There’s one thing every home should not be without – and that’s a wine rack (filled with wine of course). Old pallets can be upcycled to produce beautiful…

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Shelving

15 Beautiful Reclaimed Pallet Shelves & Ideas

Pallets are one of the most versatile pieces of “junk” that can be upcycled to produce a whole host of beautiful creations for the home. Below I’ve showcased…

Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table Iron Legs

Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table with Steel Legs

A rather beautiful piece from NOTH, this pallet coffee table has been designed with iron legs for a chic effect. (Source)

Reclaimed Pallet Stained Coffee Table

Stained Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

This piece didn’t need much finishing – a quick stain and a single pallet has been transformed into a beautiful coffee table with casters. (Source)

Simple reclaimed pallet coffee table

Stacked Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

A simple but effect use of pallets, stacked on top of eachother to make a versatile coffee table. Some casters added on the bottom for movement. (Source)

Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

Stained Pallet Coffee Table

This beautiful stained pallet coffee table gives a chic look to any living room space.