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Full Width Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

20 of the Best Reclaimed Pallet Wine Racks

There’s one thing every home should not be without – and that’s a wine rack (filled with wine of course). Old pallets can be upcycled to produce beautiful…

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Shelving

15 Beautiful Reclaimed Pallet Shelves & Ideas

Pallets are one of the most versatile pieces of “junk” that can be upcycled to produce a whole host of beautiful creations for the home. Below I’ve showcased…

Rustic Relcaimed Pallet Shelf

Single Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

1 single wooden pallet, cleverly turned into a beautiful, rustic shelf

Reclaimed Wooden Pallet Shelving

Wooden Pallet Reclaimed Shelving

A truly beautiful piece, this shelving unit is made from reclaimed wooden pallets .

Chunky Wooden Floating Shelving

Dark Stained Floating Chunky Shelves

Without a doubt, these shelves will transform your small space. Chunky, reclaimed wooden shelving that costs no more than £20 to make. (Source)

Chunky Oak Rustic Wooden Shelving

Chunky Oak Rustic Shelving with Metal Brackets

You can give your room a very rustic feel with these chunky oak shelves, held with iron brackets. A beautiful addition to any room. (Source)

Chucky Reclaimed Wooden Shelving

Chunky Reclaimed Toilet Wooden Shelves

These are much more simple to make than you might think! Beautiful, chunky effect wooden toilet shelving. (Source)

Reclaimed Wood Fence Post Chunky Shelving

Beautiful Chunky Reclaimed Fence Post Shelving

This stunning piece has been made from reclaimed fence posts, giving a chunky, rustic look. Floating slightly off the wall to give that extra dimensional look.