Pallets are one of the most versatile pieces of “junk” that can be upcycled to produce a whole host of beautiful creations for the home.

Below I’ve showcased 15 of the most beautiful reclaimed pallet shelves from around the web for you to feast your eyes on, to give you that extra bit of creative vibe.

1. Simple & unfinished pallet shelf, with a weathered look

Reclaimed Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

2. Large, modified pallet shelf with additional legs

Tall Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

3. Rustic looking bathroom storage shelf

Bathroom Upcycled Wooden Pallet Shelf

4. Quarter-Cut Wall Mounted Pallet Shelves

Quarter Pallet Reclaimed Wooden Shelves

5. Unfinished cut down pallet shelves

Beautiful Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Pallet Shelves

6. Sanded and stained multi-purpose shelf

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Shelving

7. Natural finish, sanded pallet spice rack

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Spice Rack

8. Rounded-edge, oiled pallet candle shelf

Upcycled Wooden Pallet Candle Shelf

9. Oiled and cut down kitchen herb pallet shelf

Kitchen Herb Garden Pallet Shelf

10. Abstract triangular pallet shelf

Abstract Triangular Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

11. Heart shaped rounded candle shelf

Heart Shaped Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

12. Single unfinished pallet shelf

Long Single Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

13. Sanded and lightly oiled multi-level shelf

Multi Level Wooden Upcycled Pallet Shelf

14. 5 tier wooden reclaimed pallet shelf

5 Tier Pallet Wooden Shelf

15. Hanging rope multi level pallet shelves

Hanging Pallet Shelf with Rope