There’s one thing every home should not be without – and that’s a wine rack (filled with wine of course).

Old pallets can be upcycled to produce beautiful wine racks in all shapes and sizes, and even something that might look like a standard shelf can soon be transformed to house a few bottles of wine.

If you’re looking for standard shelving, then check out the 15 best reclaimed pallet shelves here.

1. Slanted pallet wine rack with iron supports

Slanted Pallet Wine Rack

2. Horizontal wine rack finished in white

Split Level Horizontal Pallet Wine Rack

3. Unfinished, mini wine rack with side glass holders

Mini Pallet Wine Rack

4. Zig-Zag neck holder pallet wine rack

Zig-Zig Reclaimed Pallet Wine Bottle Rack

5. Dark stained slanted wine rack and glass holder

Stained Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

6. Sanded and oiled reclaimed pallet wine rack

Wooden Zig-Zag Pallet Wine Rack

7. Vertical multi bottle wooden wine rack

Vertical Pallet Wine Rack

8. Pallet wine rack and holder with top shelf

Small Unfinished Pallet Wine Rack

9. Stained horizontal wine rack, top shelf and glass holder

Multi Stack Pallet Wine Rack

10. Pallet glass holder and wine rack with dark screws

Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack with Glasses

11. Mini 4 bottle wine rack with glass holder

Mini Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

12. Classic full length reclaimed pallet wine rack – stained

Full Width Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

13. Full pallet square wine rack and holder

Full Pallet Wooden Wine Rack

14. Floor standing stained wine bottle rack

Floor Standing Pallet Wine Rack

15. Vertical stained pallet wine rack with writing

Vertical Stained Pallet Wine Rack

16. Upside-down double bottle pallet wine rack

Upside Down Bottle Pallet Wine Rack

17. Double sided stained wooden reclaimed wine rack

Double Sided Pallet Wine Rack

18. Zig-Zag pallet wine rack with iron finishing

Zig-Zag Reclaimed Wooden Wine Rack

19. Diagonal 3-bottle table wine rack


Diagonal pallet reclaimed wine bottle rack

20. Diagonal table trio bottle holder

Diagonal unfinished reclaimed wooden wine rack